Professional DVD Authoring and Design


How Much Will It Cost?

Projects can range in cost just as they can range drastically in complexity. Because of this, we do not publish a price list.

On the low end, for a very simple DVD (auto-play disc with a “landing” menu or set to loop), pricing starts at $150. The most complex disc we’ve authored included over 200 menus, close to 700 hours of content, and over 1000 chapter markers and menu selections. Yes, you read that right—on a single DVD. We authored a few in that series and invoiced $24k for each title. So…there is a range.

We find that most discs for mass replication tend to fall between $1500 and $2500 in our shop, with our team providing menu design services. The biggest variables are menu complexity and special features.

DVD NINJA is a DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Authoring House based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With an extensive background in video post production, our lead programmer has developed hundreds of DVD titles over 20 years.